Come and celebrate at the first Persian Wine Dinner to help with the coming of Norooz at Columbus Grill on Friday March 16th, 2012 at 8pm. Columbus Grill is located at 8349 Centreville Road Manassas, VA 20111. Tickets are $78.00 per person.

Authentic Wines made from the Shiraz grapes originating in Persia. Authentic Persian Foods and pastries and authentic persian entertainment. This is going to be a night to remember.

Read on folks and find out why this is going to be a one in a million chance to learn about another exciting culture. To drink wines from Shiraz grapes, eat authentic Persian foods and watch awesome persian entertainment and dance to persian music. Come and join us, you will not be disappointed.

Norooz, commemorating the New Year, has been celebrated in Iran, formerly Persia, throughout nearly three millennia of its recorded history. Norooz begins at the vernal equinox, the first day of spring season, a day of rejuvenation and reconciliation, and, reinvigorations and rebirth. Norooz’s arrival is symbolized in nature by the sprouting of greens and grains, flowers and trees.

The Norooz holidays of today span from Charshanbeh Suri (jumping over the bonfire to absorb its reddish healthy strength, while getting rid of one’s yellow unhealthy state of being), on the evening preceding the last Wednesday of the old year, climaxing at Norooz, and concluding with Sizdah Bedar, the thirteenth day of the New Year. Iranians spend the last day of the holidays at a picnic in the orchards, on the prairies, by the seaside, or in the foothills where they eat and drink, dance and sing, and play and joke. On that day, the single women knot grass together in the hope of marriage before the next Norooz! Integral to Norooz are the visits exchanged and paying tribute to the elders, as well as receiving monetary and other gifts from them.

Appetizer: Salad Olivia – A traditional Iranian dish made for special occasions. It is similar to American potato salad, but with chicken and lots of lemon. Very refreshing. Served with Lavash bread, sabzi (greens) and feta cheese.

Wine: Jaboulet Rose
Description: “Very bright, deep salmon color. Intense and rich aromas of very ripe red fruits — strawberry, black currant, and raspberry. Well rounded, full and generous, its long finish is emphasized by fresh aromas of very ripe red fruits with a hint of spice”.
Taste: subtle notes of strawberry which is joined by clean tart berry flavors
Country: France
First Course: KooKoo Sabzi – Persian Frittata with various fresh green herbs
Wine: Wishing Tree Shiraz
Description: “Bright ruby. Fresh blackberry and spices on the nose, with a hint of white pepper and a suave mocha quality. Silky, gently sweet red and dark berry flavors are lifted by tangy acidity and are given a bitter edge by a late note of licorice. Refreshing, fat-free shiraz with good closing cut.”
Taste: currant, blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry
Country: Australia
Second course: Sabzi Polo ba Mahi – basmati rice tinted vivid green with herbs and served with fried fish.
Wine: Layer Cake Shiraz
Description: “Dark, dense and creamy, complex aromas of black plum, Bing cherry, blackberry and pepper merge with licorice, tobacco, mocha and dark chocolate. This is one inky Shiraz; an explosion of dark, super ripe, wild blackberry, with a touch of cigar box finishing with a mélange of exotic spices. A pure fruit bomb…complete from attack through a long, lingering finish.
Taste: currant, blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry
Country: Australia
Dessert: Various Persian Pastries
Wine: The Jumping Grape “Sparkling” Shiraz
Description: A blend of 80% shiraz and 20% cabernet. Deep red. Raspberry, cherry and cracked pepper on the nose, with a subtle floral quality adding complexity. Pliant, juicy red berry flavors are a touch sweet and given a bitter edge by a note of dark chocolate. The sweetness repeats on the finish, which is nicely persistent and raspberry-dominated.
Taste: Red Berries
Country: Australia

1st Entertainment Set

1. GHASSEMABADI – From the southern Caspian region, this Iranian folk dance celebrates the bounty of Nature. The movements depict the work of the women in the fields
Choreography and Costume: Laurel Victoria Gray
2. SPRING RAIN IN THE ROSE GARDEN – Elegant ladies venture out into the garden to see the first roses of spring, only to be caught in a sudden downpour. Happily, the sun returns and they remain in the garden, enjoying the beauty of nature.
3. CHESH CHESH – Dancers in this choreography wear the shaliteh skirt that became popular at the Persian court of Nasseredin Shah in the late 19th century. According to some legends, these skirts were inspired by the skirts of the European ballet dancers the Shah saw in his 1873 visit to Paris.
The dancers perform flirtatious gestures to the song ”Chesh Chesh,” that speak of the eyes, the eyebrows and the lips of a beautiful girl.
Choreography and Costume Design: Laurel Victoria Gray
4. MUHABBAT – The song lyrics to this Afghani dance express a sense of longing. While the girl must remain home behind closed doors, her beloved is free to roam the world.
Choreography: People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Isaqar Aquilov
5. NALBEKI – Offering tea to guests is a traditional gesture of hospitality in the East. In this challenging dance reflects the skill of the performers who balances delicate tea glasses during their performance.

2nd Entertainment Set

1. LARZON – In Kurdish, ”larzan” means ”to shake or tremble.” This festive line dance is based on traditional Kurdish folk dance steps. The fiery energy of this piece melts the snows of Winter.
Choreography: Keylan Qazzaz
2. BOI BOI – This energetic, playful piece features a 6 rhythm accented by dancers wearing bells on their wrists.  Choreography: Kizalrkhon Dusmukhamedov. 
3. TULIPS OF TAJIKISTAN – The promise of rebirth and renewal awaits in the spring. In Tajikistan, wild tulips cover the hillsides in spring and the word ”lola,” meaning tulip, is a popular girl’s name. This dance was inspired by Tajik dancers who worked with Silk Road Dance Company in Samarkand in 2005. We offer it as a joyous gift of hope.
Choreography: Laurel Victoria Gray
4. AZZIZAM – Drawing from the elegant lines and garments of Persian Saffavid miniature paintings, this classical Persian dance choreography is set to a song by the popular Iranian singer, Haydeh. Choreography and costumes: Laurel Victoria Gray
5. RAQS-E-PARI – In Persian folktales, the ”pari” was a beautiful, fairy-like creature who sometimes visited the realm of mortals. In this dance, paris are lured to earth with joyous music, enchanting everyone with their loveliness.
Choreography: Laurel Victoria Gray


This event is going to be off the hook! If you have enjoyed the wine dinners in the past you don’t want to miss this one!!
After a wonderful sit down dinner and entertainment you can dance your heart away with persian music!!
These dinners are always a sell out so get your tickets early!!
Tickets must be prepaid to reserve your seat. To buy your tickets, which are $78.00 per person, please email or call 703-861-7834. You will be sent an invoice to pay for your tickets.