In 2005, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a Certificate of Trademark Registration to this organization for the mark “Silk Road Dance Company (R)” This federal trademark registration empowers and obligates the Silk Road Dance Company to police the use of this mark and to prevent any confusingly similar use. By federal statute anyone violating the rights of a trademark registrant is subject to paying the attorneys’ fees and up to triple damages to the holder of the trademark registrations.

Further, in accordance with the U.S. Internal Revenue Code requirements, the name “Silk Road Dance Company (R)” is not available for use to promote commercial endeavors or unauthorized nonprofit activities. This prohibition extends not only to express statements of promotion, but also to implied statements of promotion.

In addition, all materials on the website of Silk Road Dance Company(R) are protected under copyright law and are not available for use by others without the written consent of the copyright holder.